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AVM: New Laboratory Version for FRITZ! Box 6591 and 6660 Cable


After the German manufacturer AVM has already worked for FRITZ! Box 7530 AX New lab version of FRITZ OS! After its publication, there is now an update for FRITZ! Box 6591 and 6660 Cable. However, the changes are also limited. As with the 7530 AX, the update for the 6591 and 6660 cable is limited to improvements in system and WLAN stability. The exact test version designation for 6591 is 07.27-90272 and uses 07.27-90277 for the FRITZ! For cable 6660.

However, in General change of lab Learn about some of the improvements that should also be included in the next year’s edition of FRITZ! OS for these boxes. This includes, among other things, that in some towers, the VPN connection no longer works after going back/recalling the primary Internet connection in parallel or standby mode. It may also happen that there was no IPv6 over LTE if LTE was the primary internet connection in parallel or standby mode. So this should not be a problem in the future. Displaying the IPv6 interface identifier in the device version is also available again.

In provider definitions for backup or parallel operation, the TR069 service sometimes does not switch to the secondary interface if the primary Internet connection fails, but this works again perfectly with the current tester version. Potential DSL instability has also been resolved since FRITZ! OS 7.21 for Keymile DSLAMs with Intel line cards. In addition, an image can now be added to the WLAN preinstall page. Also received a FRITZ device! Box 6850 LTE New firmware for modem with various improvements and improved stability.

If you want to try out the new lab version, you should keep in mind that this is beta software and problems can arise. A free trial firmware download can be found from AVM Here.

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AVM cable FRITZ! Box 6660 (20002910)
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