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Volta with tennis ball and arcade

Volta with tennis ball and arcade

On Thursday, August 19th, EA SPORTS provided an insight into the VOLTA mode in FIFA 22, which should feature more variety in gameplay.

From after the frustrating games in I was Or a difficult season Employment status First you have to explode your power, you can do it in the well known street football atmosphere of Volta-Modus immersion. In this FIFA 22 Equipped with some modern tools to make playing with friends more diverse and social. For this purpose, the main menu structure has been changed: the alternative VOLTA is now in to focus And it can almost directly Visible as well as regarding it playing skills can be modified. If a group is formed, other players’ avatars join the growing team.

The social aspect is also a duty New goal celebrations Bonuses to perform as a duo. The fun factor is central Game changes In VOLTA 22: It runs in games count with , which calculates special moves and tricks made in the game and rewards it when a certain threshold is reached – this is how the next blow is calculated double or triple. Ordinary soccer rules – and physics – take the form of new rules special skills bent to the max. Superhuman Temposchube or strong shotsHitting enemies is just a click away. As in the role-playing game, there is a slowdown time for the movements, and they can be determined before the start of the game.

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