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Award: The satirical “Salzburger Stier” award goes to Luise Kinseher

The satirical “Salzburger Stier” award goes to Luise Kinseher

The Salzburger Stier 2022 will be awarded to Louise Kinscher. Photo: Tobias Hussey/D

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Cabaret artist Louise Kenscher has been on stage for over two decades and impresses her audience with her deep sense of humor and sharp tongue. For this you will receive an award in 2022.

Lower Bavarian cabaret artist Louise Kinseher (52 years old) will receive the 2022 “Salzburger Stier” award. Kinseher is a diverse, full-blooded cabaret artist who combines philosophical depth, political acuity and absurd wit, and the jury justified her decision.

The artist, who has been on stage since 1998, has developed her own unmistakable style: “She is intelligent and playful, touching human and clearly analytical, unpretentious and cosmopolitan.”

The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on May 21, 2022 in Lindau on Lake Constance as part of the week-long cabaret festival, announced Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) in Munich.

The “Salzburger Stier” award, each awarded €6000, is a broadcasting prize for satire and has been awarded jointly by public broadcasters ARD, ORF, SRF and Rai Südtirol since 1982. BR will be the lead organizer in 2022. Three are honored Artists per year – one each from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Cabaret artist and musician Omar Sarsam won for Austria, and Switzerland won the duo Fatima Moumouni and Lauren Bossier.


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