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Back in the modern box and the new starting line

Back in the modern box and the new starting line

( – MotoGP has been a guest at Silverstone since 2010. The layout of the track is the same for motorcycles and Formula 1, but different pit facilities are used. That is why the start and finish line are also located in different places.

From next year, MotoGP will use the modern pit building again


look back. Just over ten years ago, the road was extensively modernized and rebuilt. When the British Grand Prix returned to Silverstone in 2010, the (old) Formula 1 pit design was used. Copse is the first corner and Woodcote is the end corner.

In 2011 the Silverstone Suite was opened. Large, modern pit building located in new Hamilton Street. Formula 1 has moved there. Since then, the start and finish line has been on Hamilton Street. monastery turn 1.

The MotoGP World Championship also moved to the “Silverstone Suite” for 2011 and 2012. However, as more space was required with the Moto2 and Moto3 tire series, it was decided to return to the old pit building (“National Pits Straight” from 2013) to return .

Meanwhile, a lot has happened with the Silverstone Pavilion. For example, solar panels are installed. Biofuel generators. Starting next year, all electricity will be generated from renewable energy sources.

Silverstone Suite

The same straight start and finish used in Formula 1 will then be used Zoom

This significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the circuit and all the facilities needed to host a sporting event. That’s why MotoGP will return to the modern pit building from 2023.

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This, in turn, means moving the start and finish line to Hamilton Street. Abbey will be the first Turn 1, similar to Formula 1. “I am looking forward to MotoGP returning to the International Paddock in 2023,” says Silverstone Principal Stuart Pringle.

“By August 2023, the second phase of the Wing solar panel project will be completed, generating more than 13 percent of the venue’s annual electricity.” The circuit is now also connected to a large hotel by a bridge.

“As previously announced,” adds Carmelo Izpeleta, Dorna President, “MotoGP will be running on 100 per cent sustainable fuels by 2027. This is just part of our global strategy to put sustainability at the heart of the sport.”

The British Grand Prix date has also been announced. From August 4-6, 2023, MotoGP will return to Silverstone.