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VFL Wolfsburg: Max Kreuz attacks Wolfsburg police Sports

VFL Wolfsburg: Max Kreuz attacks Wolfsburg police Sports

Max Kruse (34) now shows his solidarity with the Bremen fans!

why? On the way to the opening match of the German Bundesliga against Wolfsburg (2-2) last Saturday, Werder fans were arrested at the Wolfsburg train station. Several of them were searched and their personal data recorded.

Absolute Cheek for Cross: “What the police have done to Werder fans is absolutely absurd! Where do we live,” the cult striker asks on his Instagram profile.

Kroos denounced the police

Former kicker Werder welcomes the fans’ reaction. Due to excessive actions, many supporters returned home straight away.

“I think it’s totally fine that they resisted that,” Kroos confirms. “I wouldn’t have done that either. If it was as a matter of principle.”

The unofficial entertainment officer in Wolfsburg continued: “I mean, we actually live in a free world. And just because I went somewhere doesn’t mean I have to show who I am and say who I am. So everything was done right!”

VfL also shows its solidarity with Werder fans and reimburses them for unverified ticket costs.

Wolfsburg police informed the club on 11 July that the match was classified as a dangerous “red game”. Jörg Schmadtke, 58, president of the NFL, does not understand that: “I was surprised. According to my information, it was a green game.”

Werder had the same information before the match. Professional Chief Clemens Fritz (41): “It is absolutely ridiculous to cordon off our fans at the station. Nobody did anything. I don’t know who wanted to realize it. Cheek!

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