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Backups are no longer free – how to deactivate the function

Backups are no longer free – how to deactivate the function

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New year, new change in WhatsApp. Android users will have to use Google storage for their backups in the future. This can cost money.

Kassel – Anyone who gets a new smartphone can keep all their chats, videos or photos on the app thanks to WhatsApp Backup. Android users will face a change in the identification app in the new year. Previously it was possible to save the backup independently of your Google Drive storage. But this will change in 2024. Many users may need to purchase more storage. But there are alternatives to avoid additional costs.

WhatsApp Change: Android Users Have to Pay for Backups

Google announced the change in mid-November 2023. WhatsApp beta users have had to get used to changing the backup since December. Starting in 2024, the innovation will be gradually introduced to all other Android WhatsApp users. Android users get 15GB of Drive storage, which consumers can use for free. Emails, photos and other data are usually stored on this. When you use your Google Account and your smartphone regularly, some storage elements come together.

Android users beware: WhatsApp backup will use Drive storage from 2024. © Fabian Sommer/DPA

WhatsApp backup can be loud Net world Its size can quickly range between five and six gigabytes. This means that changing WhatsApp will have a significant impact on storage space. If this is full, you will have to either delete unnecessary items or purchase more storage space. The cheapest option is 100GB of memory for €1.99 per month. Therefore, it is useful to take a look at the memory every now and then to delete unnecessary saved items.

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Avoid WhatsApp backup costs: Create a second Google account

With operating systems like iOS, paying for additional storage space is common. iOS provides its customers with only five gigabytes. If you are an Android user and don't want to pay the extra costs, you can deactivate WhatsApp backups. However, if you change your smartphone, chats including photos, documents and other items may be lost. Therefore this step should be considered carefully.

Another option is to create a second Google account that will be used only for Whatsapp. Please be careful not to select the same recovery phone number or email address as your first Google account during setup. Google can then refuse to create a second account, e.g Net world He writes. If the second Google account is connected to WhatsApp, 15GB of storage space can be used for backup for free.

Recently there was one A new hidden feature in WhatsAppThis ensures better call protection. Meanwhile, there is another function that allows you to use two WhatsApp accounts on one device. (unlock)