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Baden - Music Festival and Symposium: The Endless Lie

Baden – Music Festival and Symposium: The Endless Lie

“We live a crazy and exciting life,” joked Joachim Rodelius, who is approaching his 88th birthday shortly after touring Sweden, Germany and Italy, having stayed in Baden for a while before leaving for Germany with his wife Christine earlier this week. Fly to a seminar with the students to get back in time for the start of the mini-festival on Wednesday, October 26th. The theme of this year’s festival also fits: lemniscate, which means that lying 8 and 8 symbolize infinity.

Fit for Rodelius’ double eight birthday on October 26: “I now have double infinity,” says Rudelius, who “More Ohr Less” moved from Lunz to Baden a few years ago. “We invite friends and comrades to Baden again,” explains Kristin Rodelius, and “in a small and inspiring space, contemporary sound art and exciting listening and performance experiences are created through many forms of collaboration,” explains Rudelius, also known as Godfather and/or Pioneer. electronic music. “The festival is a comprehensive work of art consisting of words, music, performance and audience” and takes place in the theater am Steig and the Rainer Museum and above the roofs of Baden, in the form of a cloud of sound.

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