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The famous premiere of "The Countess Marisa"

The famous premiere of “The Countess Marisa”

Saturday’s premiere of Emmerich Kálmán’s operetta at the Linz Music Theater drew the audience to applause and cheers over and over again.

From the start, the actors, orchestra, and dance troupe were inspired by great breaks. The plot offers everything you would expect from an operetta. An attractive and confident countess is betrothed to an imaginary baron. Surprisingly, he also appears and is not the only one who flirts with the service of the Countess. In the end, the poor count was successful, and because of the debts he had inherited from his father, he was appointed to administer the countess’ estate. Before that, of course, there were still complications and confusion.

The operetta has been subtly dusted in the theater and some clips have been updated with great sensitivity, such as drums on oil drums with rap elements and dance group in top form with great choreography and acrobatics. At the end there was a standing ovation.

Music Direction: Mark Ripple

Starting: Thomas Enzinger

Choreography: Eva Maria Meyer

Theatre: Bernd Frank

Fashion: Gotze Lancelot Fisher

Video design: Andreas Ivancsics

Dramaturgy: Christophe Platt

Orchestra conductor: Elena Perini

Subsequent Leader: Ingmar Beck, Claudio Novati, Countess of Marisa: Karina Tyberg Madsen

Prince Moritz Dragomir Popoliscu: Michael Wagner

Baron Coloman Zhuban, landowner from Varasden: Jonathan Harzendorf

Count Tassilo Indrodi Wittemberg: Matjay Stupinsek

Lisa, his sister: Etelka Sellei / Fenja Lukas

Princess Bosina Kudenstein to Chlumetz: April Hailer

Penižek her servant: Marcus Raab

Chico, an old servant of Marisa: Thomas Paul

Manga, Young “Gypsy”: Gotou Grismayer

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Dancers: Ilya Dergosov, Katharina Glass, Misha Hall, Lan-Dan Kirstang, Elisa Ludolini, Rutsuki Povraznik, Beatrice Scapora

Landestheater Linz add-ons

Bruckner Linz Orchestra