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Barbara Eder: Directing the international series "The Swarm"

Barbara Eder: Directing the international series “The Swarm”

Frank Schatzing, Novelist and Executive Producer: “It was important to me that we not only film ‘Swarm’, but update it. An interpretation of Days to Come focused on the lives, fears, and hopes of younger generations. Frank Doelger and I worked as a team, with much of the tailwind from The initiator ZDF, without whose great commitment the project would not exist.”

Italy is Peru

Eric Wilbers, responsible for the series ndF International Production: “The diversity of the settings that we play in Italy is incredible: from Canada to Peru to Norway and etc. We are glad that this, among other things, has made us an environmentally friendly production, which is very important for us. us and eventually the series will enrich even more. It helps at present much more in post-production. In our case it will be a thrilling marathon, with elaborate visual details on animals on land and in water to organize disasters and of course “swarm”.

Scripts were written by Stephen Lally (“Strike Back”), Marisa Lestrade (“Deep State”), Chris Lunt and Michael A. Walker (“Young Wallander”). The polar and deep sea researcher, Dr. Antje Boetius of the Alfred Wegener Institute and Dr. John Copley is Professor of Oceanographic Exploration from the University of Southampton. The camera is directed by David Luther and Dominic Berg, production designer Julian Wagner and Dasha Dauenhauer are responsible for the music.

ZDF Program Manager Dr. Norbert Himmler: “Even more than 15 years after the publication of Der Schwarme, the environmental crisis is one of the most pressing and topical global challenges ever. It is crucial for us to recognize the cinematic adaptation of this film as a topic so relevant as an international project. Great from Germany.For the European alliance between France Télévisions, Rai and ZDF, this cutting-edge series is by far the largest co-production to date and brings together talent and skills across national borders. Like the book, we hope the series will entertain people around the world and at the same time It shifts the responsibility to all of us.”

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Mag Catherine Zechner, ORF Program Director: “After several attempts from different quarters to portray the overarching mythical novel by Frank Schatsing, we were finally able to actually bring the project to fruition. The topic of ocean pollution and its global environmental impact is more relevant today than ever before. Not with a raised index finger. , but wrapped with exciting and suspenseful stories about individual destinies occurring across the globe, an international group of scientists is succeeding in saving the world and hopefully raising awareness of these pressing environmental issues in the public.