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Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski grateful to be welcomed at Allianz Arena: 'Important to me'

Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski grateful to be welcomed at Allianz Arena: ‘Important to me’

“It was respectful, kind and important to me,” said the happy midfielder, who sought out Isar’s goalscoring from 2014-2022 and scored 344 goals in 375 games during this time and prepared for 72 others.

The Pole will not forget the time in Munich, as he said in a conversation with “picture” protest. “I was in Munich for eight years, not two or three. You can’t get rid of it or forget it,” the 34-year-old said.

Coach Julian Nagelsmann had hoped for Lewandowski’s applause even before facing Barcelona. “I would like our fans to welcome him in the way they celebrated him after the goals,” said the Bayern Munich coach. “He deserves it regardless of whether the farewell was great from the fans’ point of view or not so great.”


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Bayern Munich president, Herbert Hainer, attracted fans of the record champions right after that 2-0 (0-0) win against Barcelona Praise the reception. “Robert did a lot for us. The reception was very honest,” the 68-year-old said.

But in terms of sports, Lewandowski’s return to Munich was not a success. The pole missed a few chances to score, revealing only briefly on the way to the bus: “It wasn’t easy for me!”

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