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Journey into the city forest - Building and Construction Management GBG Graz GmbH

With future expansion – the city gateway to the provincial capital of Graz

“It is especially important for the provincial government of Styria to support active clubs that also do important work for young people. The expansion of the GAK tennis facility is absolutely necessary, because sport is much more than just training and competition! Club life is an essential part of our society and requires modern infrastructure. In addition to this Tennis is a sport for young and old, and therefore also plays a special role in health development and prevention”, says Minister of State for Sport Julianne Bogner-Strauss. Mayor Elk Kaher is pleased with this investment in the sporting future: “The club was a pioneer in making tennis popular and accessible to all residents. This is still in effect today, and therefore it is important that the investments create the foundation for this excellent business that continues to be of high quality.” A member of the Graz City Council, Kurt Hohensener, emphasized the excellent youth work of GAK Tennis: “About 630 members of the club, including about 250 youngsters, speak a clear language. One of the main pillars of our sports strategy is the improvement of the sports infrastructure. In the ten years In the past alone, we have invested about 130 million euros in it. This money is well invested, because according to current surveys, every euro invested in sports returns to the community threefold. I am especially pleased that we are now promoting one of the last great sports areas within the city ” .