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Bares for Rares: These are standard show sales

Bares for Rares: These are standard show sales

Even there was no supervisor Horst lights (59) Words: In ZDF’s unwanted “Bares for Rares” program, some anecdotes have reached five-digit sums. Audiences are always surprised at how valuable some mess can be. Our list shows the most expensive things to date.

  • Real aquamarine and 8.5 carats of diamonds of the best quality: expert Heide Rezeba-Zabel initially estimated the material value of this piece of jewelry from 9,000 to 10,000 euros before correcting her judgment to 6,000 to 8,000 euros due to the unpopular design. In the end, buyer Elke Velten-Tönnies was awarded “The most beautiful piece of jewelry we have exhibited at the exhibition so far” for 5,500 euros.
  • A canoe cruiser from a Beckert shipyard from 1965 did not fit the studio, but it came just in time: Julian Schmitz’s dealer Avila currently holds a boat license. He really wanted good mahogany plywood and softwood sailboat. Its 5,500 € offer clearly exceeded sellers’ expectations.

In the video below, you can see how retailer Susanne Steiger got into the junk mail offer.

Boris Baker’s racket has been sold

  • The majestic woody look from 1680 to 1720 was not for small apartments. The Romans of the steel set finally found a suitable place in the castle of Fabian Cal (left) for € 9,000.
  • When it came to the painting of a young woman with a mustache by Charles Koebel, expert Albert Mayer wasn’t sure at first if it was a cool thing. However, the image was worth 9,000 euros for merchants.
  • Silver is always popular with retailers, but the five-part pitcher service achieved a record-breaking amount. Art Deco English venues with ivory and ebony handles fetched a whopping € 10,000 – a multiple of the appraised value.
  • In June 2017, tennis legend Boris Baker sold the racket he played in his last Wimbledon match in 1999 for € 10,000. But the whole thing had ramifications: Dealer Julian Schmitz-Avila, who bought the historic piece, initially got a different, identical club. Baker’s attorney protested an “accidental mistake”.
  • The Portrait of the Bay of Naples by Franz Richard Unterberger from 1870, which merchants fought for, came to € 11,000. Wolfgang Burich congratulated the astonished seller on the five-digit sum: “Do you know what kind of treasure you have there?”
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In the video below, you’ll get to know the woman standing next to Sven Deutschmanck.