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Bas Dost is on the road to recovery

Bas Dost is on the road to recovery

Former Netherlands national football team player, Bas Dost, has begun to recover after he collapsed unconscious on the field on Sunday. His club, Nijmegen, announced this on Monday. However, he still has to stay in hospital in Alkmaar and further tests will be carried out in the next few days. “Doctors cannot say anything at all about the cause of Bas’s collapse,” club director Wilko van Schaik said, according to the daily newspaper De Gelderlander.

“It was a big shock for everyone yesterday, but he had a good night,” Van Schaik said. “This is important and a positive start to the recovery. We definitely have to take our time.” The striker collapsed during the Premier League match against AZ Alkmaar and was treated on the pitch for several minutes. He was then transferred to a hospital in Alkmaar. Dost quickly regained consciousness.

The professional later spoke out on social media. “I’m doing well. The help I received on site was amazing. I’m now in the hospital and doing well. Thanks for all the support!” What exactly happened to Dost was initially unknown. He fell to the ground in the center circle shortly before the end of official playing time. Players from both clubs stood around him and protected him with a piece of cloth. The away match was abandoned in the 90th minute when the score was 2-1 in favor of Nijmegen. It has not yet been decided when the game will continue.

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