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There is no victory for the AKA teams in the duel with Austria Vienna

There is no victory for the AKA teams in the duel with Austria Vienna

Austria U15 vs Admira U15 5:2 (1:2)

Comment from coach Alexander Bellinger:

We got off to a really good start and were able to take an early 2-0 lead. However, this was somewhat fortunate as the opposition goalkeeper was involved in both goals. After that, we did not see any offensive movements in the first half. Austria Vienna was the stronger team and found many chances. We tried hard to build the game, but we rarely entered the opponent’s half.

We went into the first half leading 2-1, but Austria were able to turn the score around shortly after half-time. The home team scored its second goal after winning the ball in our half and the third after a free kick. With the difference, we became more offensive and the match became more balanced. Another normative position was crucial; Austria managed to make the score 4-2 with a corner goal. Shortly before the end, a counterattack led to the final score of 5:2.

In the end, the victory was deserved for Austria, which performed very well.


0:1 Sikelski (6.)

0:2 stair (9.)

Lined up:

Lukasar. Mustafa, Zivkovic (ZEDK 53), Wesselthaler, Islamaj (Klein 53); Seidl (65. Ishchenko), Steyrer, Sekelski (69. Isic); Schisler, Mitrović, Wollenhofer (Zieber No. 65)

Austria U16 vs Admira U16 4:0 (3:0)

Coach Thilo Morbitzer’s comment:

We had a great chance to take the lead in the first minutes, but the crossbar prevented us from making a good start. A very strong quarter-hour followed, but after that Austria increasingly gained the upper hand through their physical presence. The physical advantages in Austria’s favor could no longer be offset and that’s why the violets’ victory was so good. However, our boys never let themselves down and gave everything they could, so the most interesting question in youth football arises again: what does performance look like when everyone is physically “fully” developed? We believe in the potential of our children!

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Lined up:

Lembek, Kalinc (77. Jaganjak), Savic, Çebi-Esselbuk, Tsdemir, Veglitner, Hashemi (77. Blazanovic), Galitja, B. (46. Galitia, D.), Hosseini (46. Wallner), Djordjevic, Ilbel (62. Rumble)

Austria U18 vs Admira U18 3:0 (1:0)

Comment from coach Harald Suchard:

It was an intense match expected from both sides against their peers from the distribution circuit. High pressing and fast play at the top were clear requirements for both teams. We were able to free ourselves very well from opposition pressure in some situations, but then we lacked the necessary penetration in the final third. Due to an unfortunate situation, Austria led 1-0 and thus went into the first half. After the break we were able to gain the advantage, but due to a defensive error and lack of interest, Austria increased the lead to 3-0 as the match progressed. After that we had neither the strength nor the resources to turn the game around again. We can be quite satisfied with the fun elements. But we also had to admit that we still had room to improve offensively and defensively in 1-1 duels.


Lined up:

Gatringer, Juric, Schoene (Einer 72), Kleinbock, Nila (K), Kojovic (Bradarek 45), Steiner (Varivoda 85), Djordjevic K, Llorent (Herzog 72), Olsa, Vasic (Sositz 45)