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Basketball World Cup TV and Stream Live

Basketball World Cup TV and Stream Live

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USA and Canada face off in the bronze medal game at the Basketball World Cup. How to watch sports live on TV and stream.

MANILA – Basketball World Cup bronze medal match between USA and Canada on Sunday, September 10, 2023 at 10:30 am in Manila. We’ll show you where and how to watch the game live on TV and live stream.

America vs. Canada: Basketball World Cup Bronze Game Live on Free TV?

  • Game between USA and Canada is not living In Free TV kidnapped.
  • The TV rights for the Basketball World Cup are held by the streaming provider Magenta game.

America vs. Canada: Basketball World Cup bronze medal match live on Magenta Sport

  • to the streaming provider Magenta game It will be a game Basketball World Cup between USA and Canada as well as In a linear scheme as well as in Live broadcast kidnapped.
  • The broadcast of the game begins September 10, 2023, at 10:00 AM With preliminary reports 10:30 am The game begins.
  • around Magenta game You need a paid subscription to view.

America vs. Canada: Who will win bronze at the Basketball World Cup?

Before the World Cup, most pundits and fans were predicting that the final would be between the USA and Canada. Both teams are loaded with NBA players and have all-stars in their ranks. However, it was not enough for the North Americans to qualify for the World Cup finals.

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Canada surprisingly lost to Serbia, who are playing the World Cup without MVP and superstar Nikola Jokic. Nevertheless, the Serbian team impresses with its team spirit, cohesion and balance. In the end, a well-deserved win in the semi-finals meant a ticket to the final against the DBB selection.

USA and Canada battle for bronze at the Basketball World Cup © IMAGO/NISHIKAWA, Tomoyuki.

There, the Serbian team will not face the USA, but Germany. The Americans, who were favorites for the World Cup title, had to concede defeat to a team led by DBB coach Gordon Herbert in a very exciting and exciting game. Now there is a fight between the USA and Canada – not for gold, but only for bronze.

The Americans were the favorites, but Germany showed what is possible with passion and commitment against the favorites in the semifinals. After a disappointing semi-final, both teams will be looking to bid farewell to the 2023 World Cup with at least a medal. (Smr)