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Goosebumps moment at the ORF show: twin sisters from Gaspoltshofen in the final

Goosebumps moment at the ORF show: twin sisters from Gaspoltshofen in the final

At the start of the ORF talent show “The Big Chance – Let's Sing and Dance” in mid-March, the two 16-year-olds moved judge Missy May to tears. With their song “Zomhouidn” the sister from Altenhof am Hausruck (Gaspoltshofen municipality) secured her place in the semi-finals. There on Friday, they delivered the following moment of awe to the audience, the jury and the 454,000 people in front of their TVs at home: with their self-written and self-composed song “A Thousand Lights” – in just one day, mind you – the young singing talent reached the ORF talent show final. .

The judges received a lot of praise for the soulful guitar song, which was sung in standard German, in contrast to the performance given in March. “What I've shown here is why there are programs like this,” German actor-musician Marc Seibert said excitedly and admitted: “I understand that Missy May had to cry last time. I felt it. It affected me incredibly.”

“The right song at the right time”

Janet Biederman was similarly affected. “This is exactly the right song at the right time,” the German singer praised her “incredibly beautiful lyrics” and “magical performance.” Austrian musician Thorsten Einarson also burst into gusts of enthusiasm over the “absolutely wonderful number” and thanked the sisters profusely for making the music.

However, it was only the audience who decided to advance to the next round. Out of 10 acts, only 3 got a ticket to the final. In the voting, Anja and Jana finally collected enough votes to be able to participate in the grand final on May 17. Singers Kirsten Schmidt from Lower Austria and Emma from Burgenland also reached the final round with them. The best nine works will compete to win €50,000.

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video: The girls perform on Friday


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