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Batim’s murder turns into a TV series – VG

Killed: Patim Sahindal lived in hiding from family. Pictured here four years before the murder. Photo: Henriette Berg-Thomassen

Swedish-Kurdish Patim Sahind was shot dead by his own father almost 20 years ago. She is 26 years old.


Honor murder case Received a lot of attention in Norway as well. Badim was Fell in love with a Swedish boy, Something the father could not tolerate. For years, the young woman lived in hiding from her loved ones.

He was threatened by his father and appeared on Swedish television and told about the threats.

In January 2002, Fadim ended his days at his sister’s apartment in Uppsala, where he was hit in the head with two shots. The next day, his own father was arrested. Rahmi Sahind, then 54, allegedly shot his daughter in the face His own interpretation from the District Court.

– One of the most important stories

Now the streaming service is creating a theatrical series of Viaplay tragedy.

– Fadim is one of the most difficult and important stories we have in mind so far on ViaPlay. “This is the biggest responsibility we have when we talk about the last year of our lives,” said Philippa Wallace, content director of the television company NENT. Uptonbladet.

– He has been a role model for many, and unfortunately his tragic fate still applies today.

The series is based on news from that time, police reports and the book “You Will Die”, written by the lawyers for Badim and his sister Songl.

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Little sister: – The assassination was planned

In that brutal evening and despair he shouted “My sister is dead, Dad killed my sister”.

Cemetery: Fatim Sahindal was buried in the old cemetery of Uppsala Church. Photo: Stephen Clausen / DT / DT News Agency

The mother and another sister testified to the murder. In court, Changal testified against his father The mother testified in support of her husband.

The depictions in the courtroom received widespread information. When Badim opened the door of his sister’s apartment and saw his father with a gun, she left They have begged for mercy: «Dad, forgive me! Dad, forgive me! ”

Six chapters

Recording of the six-episode series titled “Fatim” begins this summer. It is planned to be screened in the new year – 20 years after the murder. The TV production confirms that the entire process, including Leaf Erickson, has experts in the matter of honor killings.

– Many people know Badim’s name, but many do not know her full history. This is more important than ever, at least not with the younger audience in mind, says Erickson.

Badim was born in Turkey, but grew up in Sweden.

Danger The confession was withdrawn shortly after, And the case must be appealed. Changal testified against her father, while her mother testified in support of her husband.

– She ruined my life. Now that Badim is dead, all problems have been cleared up, said his father Rahmi Sahindal when the investigation began in 2002. Then he said Full of sadness.

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In May of that year, Patim became a father Life sentence, Which carries a fine of 14 to 21 years in Sweden. End in 2018 Uppsala Nai Titting He was released and reportedly settled elsewhere in Sweden.

Fadimes søster Songul Died in 2014, In the same apartment where the murder took place. The cause of death is unknown, but no culprit is suspected. She is buried next to her sister.