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Presidents of Border Countries – VG

Presidents of border countries

Joe Biden promised a very humane asylum policy. Now an influx of immigrants from the south is subjecting the new president to his biggest test to date.


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100,441 people attempted to cross the border from Mexico to the United States in February. Of these, 9,500 are unsupported minors. This is the highest number of months in the last two years. In the last months of Donald Trump’s presidency, the number of immigrants arrested at the border has risen sharply. The number of illegal border crossings has risen since Biden took charge.

At a news conference on Thursday, Biden was repeatedly asked about the situation on the southern border. He accused Trump of causing problems. But it does little to help Biden criticize his predecessor. Now it is Biden’s responsibility. This is a crisis he has to solve.

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Purpose for 250 migrants – 4100 people are treated here

The most surprising thing is that Biden is not ready for the big arrival. The White House may have predicted that signals of liberal immigration policy would lead many south of Rio Grande to see an opportunity.

Biden instilled a belief among the hundreds of thousands who wanted to go to the United States. Expectations did not diminish when Biden signed on his first day with an order to stop building Trump’s border wall. All deportations of migrants were suspended for 100 days.

Biden wants to reform US immigration policy. Wants to reopen the United States for legal immigration. It would be easy to apply for citizenship of the nine million immigrants already in the United States.

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Joe Biden, from a meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador earlier this month. Photo: Anna Manimeker / POOL / The New York Times POOL

Immigration is an important issue for many voters, who have long sought votes from politicians. But neither Republicans nor Democrats can solve the problems at the border, let alone what will happen to the millions of immigrants living and working in the United States without documents and rights. Politicians have used this case for all that is worthwhile, but no one has been able to develop an immigration policy that responds to the challenges facing the United States.

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Post photos after review for border secrecy

Donald Trump will spend most of his election campaign in Mexico in 2016, promising to build a wall against Mexico. This wall is not complete and ended with the US Taxpayers Bill. Trump has left out another big issue, the huge backlog of unresolved asylum applications. 1.3 million people are waiting to apply for asylum applications. The pile of unresolved issues has doubled under Trump. Most asylum seekers are still in the United States.

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Joe Biden to Immigrants: – Don’t Come!

To mark the epidemic, Trump introduced an anti-epidemic law last year that led to the practical closure of Mexico’s borders. Those still trying to cross were quickly repatriated. Biden did not repeal the law. The border is still closed.

This will not stop tens of thousands of people from trying. Biden’s management has refused to comment on what is happening on the brink of a crisis. But denial does not solve any problem. The crisis is very real.

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The so-called “immigrant caravan” was photographed in Guatemala in January on its way to the United States. Photo: Stephen FIFA / EFE

Biden felt the intensity. On March 16, he sent the following message to the immigrants: – “I say it clearly, did not come”. He has appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to clean up. He will coordinate efforts related to American neighbors in the South. On March 22, Mexico stationed 8,700 troops on smuggling routes north.

During the election campaign, Biden mentioned a big issue of the Trump administration separating children from border parents. He is now responsible for the thousands of minors who come alone. They are not returned directly. But the potential of receptions exploded. It is urgent to find solutions. Biden has promised to move children and youth out of crowded camps. Some may already be sent to family members in the United States.

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Sharp increase in children and youth across the US border: – Our system needs to be fixed

Finally, the Republicans found a case that could have hit Pita and diverted public attention from the epidemic and the economy. Republican politicians are now making a pilgrimage to the border to talk about Biden’s failed and dangerous asylum policy. They hope this will be a successful case for them in next year’s by-elections.

Most of the immigrants are from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, but also from other countries and continents. Some flee from violence and oppression, while others escape from poverty and hopelessness. Human traffickers make a lot of money for the needs of others. In addition, criminal gangs use smuggling routes to smuggle drugs into the United States.

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Immigration officials and border police are overburdened. There is great uncertainty as to what the new administration really wants to do with the situation at the border.

If Fiden is to succeed in reforming asylum policy, he must first gain control of illegal traffic. A major reason many people cross the border illegally is because they see no opportunity to legally seek asylum. Instead, they choose to pay the human traffickers to lead them on a long and dangerous journey. There should be a realistic and legal alternative for those in need of protection.

The problem in the United States is that there is no broad political agreement to implement the necessary reforms. Asylum and immigration policy is a hot topic in political debates, but its purpose is to mobilize voters. This is demanding as far as Pitan is concerned. He is under pressure from both teams.

In his own party, the Left prefers a more liberal immigration policy. Republicans want to continue Donald Trump’s tough path. Biden needs the support of the left to carry out his policy, but he also fears that voters will punish him and his party if they agree to their demands. It remains to be seen whether the practical center-right politician Biden will be able to tackle a hot political issue, which is provoking strong sentiments on both sides.