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Bavaria: Heavy damage from the storm in Bad Baierswine

Bavaria: Heavy damage from the storm in Bad Baierswine

Storms caused huge damage in Bavaria yesterday. The Bad Baiersuin region in Upper Bavaria was badly affected. The Garmisch-Partenkirchen district office declared that the city, which today has a population of about 1,300, had become a disaster.

The authority said that the storms and hail, whose grains reached eight centimeters in height, caused severe damage to 80 percent of the buildings in the city. She added that no one was hurt. In order to be able to officially request emergency services from other regions, a disaster was declared.

Accordingly, emergency roofs were ordered for the community, being transported to the site from all over Bavaria. “The end of the mission is not in sight, and the forces on site still have some hard work ahead of them,” said Anton Speer, the district manager.

He was injured while building a beer tent

The police said that there were injuries while setting up a beer tent in Kessing near Augsburg: six people suffered minor injuries, six of them seriously. The tent was hit by a gust of wind. About 30 people tried to take it over. In addition, the roof of a nursing home was covered and about 100 people were moved to safety.

Police stated that bystanders were hit by hailstones. An elderly lady fell because of a cold. The hailstones were removed from the sidewalks with snow shovels. Emergency services were also busy with many flooded basements and fallen trees. Some trees fell on parked cars and others on power lines, causing power outages.