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Bayern: Will David Alaba's transfer fail?  A true expert speaks plain language - "Nobody is interested in Spain"

Bayern: Will David Alaba’s transfer fail? A true expert speaks plain language – “Nobody is interested in Spain”

Bayern defender David Alaba appears to be moving to Real Madrid in the summer. But the club has had big problems, and an insider is giving one insight.

MUNICH – On Tuesday, Sky Channel confirmed that David Alaba has moved to Real Madrid, but not from the club side, not to mention Bayern Munich’s advisers. Some hurdles could make hiring a defender more difficult for Los Blancos, in sporting terms but especially financially.

David Alaba: The real change for the Bayern star seems constant – a massive mountain of debt on Blancos

Alaba’s favorite destination has been said for months to be Real Madrid, which is said to be the most famous and exclusive football club in the world. But behind the scenes there is a huge boiling point. On the one hand, there is an unclear future for coach Zinedine Zidane, who is chasing city rivals Atlético with his team in the championship race. On the other hand, there is the critical financial situation of the Madrillians.

And according to what was reported by Spanish media at the beginning of the year, the mountain of debt of the capital amounts to about 900 million euros, but Alaba will be an expensive investment. The 28-year-old has an annual salary of more than 20 million euros. Additionally, Benny Zahavi is his advisor picture– Informing the hand money of about 20 to 30 million euros in the room, he must succeed in referring his clients to Real Madrid. As reported by Sky, Alaba will be raising a five-year contract – by 2026, Real Madrid will have to raise more than 100 million euros for their salary alone.

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Despite the red numbers rising, the Spanish state, which is said to have saved Real Madrid from the financial meltdown with its support, is also coping. This is why there has been so much discussion about new signings with the Spaniards ahead of the upcoming transfer window, but Alaba’s name from all things has been left out of speculation.

David Alaba: Does Zahavi have a plan B? The president of Barcelona is a friend of the Chancellor

Spanish expert Miguel Gutierrez explains why for Sport1. “Moving from Alaba now does not matter to anyone in Spain, especially since Marca announced in January that he was going to Real Madrid. Everything revolves around the Premier League,” said the German-Spanish player, who has already worked with several broadcasters. “When Perez was interviewed live on TV on Monday, he was only asked about Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe. Nobody asked him about Alaba. I still assume he’s coming to Real,” says the insider.

However, the player’s management confirms that there is still contact with FC Barcelona, ​​which is also among the closest candidates for future club Alaba. But the Catalans have an even bigger mountain of debt and a deficit of 1.17 billion euros. The only advantage of Barcelona will be the friendship between Zahavi and President Joan Laporta. Gutierrez also knows that neither club should be underestimated. (Pay)

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