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German League: Qualigruppe is divided into two classes

German League: Qualigruppe is divided into two classes

Austria (22 points) regained the lead with a score of 2-0 (1-0) over the penultimate admiral (13). And “Felchen” returns to the better goal difference against the same points TSV Hartberg, who achieved 2: 2 (1: 2) in Altach (15). Reed (19), the best team to qualify in terms of points, are three points behind, and with a rounding of 2: 1 (0: 0) against St. Pölten (11) they are clearly away from the bottom.

This trend could really take hold on Tuesday, if only the law of the homeland changes during the duel. In Admira, Klaus Schmidt will also be back on the bench against Austria. The 53-year-old replaces Boric, who was released on Monday after defeat to Austria.

Again headlines positive

On the other hand, Austria is headlines positive news once again: the license is second, seven points from the last three matches and jumping to the top of the table. The win over Admira was fairly close in terms of score, but it deserved well in terms of the course of the match. “It’s not like we think about it every training session and match, but it’s great when there is some calm everywhere,” said Vissel Demako, the scorer to score 2-0.

The goal of the day went to Patrick Wimmer, who started the victory with an overhead kick (45 + 1). “We put a sports exclamation point to win.” The 19-year-old said “A week like this is good for the club.” Whether it will be held by Vienna after the summer in the stars. “There are a lot of parties interested, but I don’t have anything specific. Let’s see, ”said the attacking player, who was bound until 2022, leaving all options open.

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Austria move to the top of the qualifying group

After getting the license for the next season, Austria is also heading uphill in terms of sport. Team Vienna beat Admiral 2-0 and are now drawn by Hartberg at the top of the qualifying group.

For now, Felchen will have to finish the poor season in seventh place and possibly start the European Cup in a conciliatory fashion. “We really want to be in seventh place. Coach Peter Stogger said with satisfaction,” I’m very happy that the team has endured the excitement of the last few weeks and performed so well. ”

Schop misses out on winning

On the other hand, Hartberg coach Marcus Schopp got angry and lost the absolute will to win over Altach. He described the lottery as a “brutal handover” of two important points in the battle for seventh. “We brought the opponent to life with our operating errors,” said the coach.

Draw between Hartberg and Altach

The match between Altach and Hartberg ended 2-2. Markus Schöpp’s team now have to share the table top with Austria in points.

The draw also left a faint taste for the opponent. Coach Damir Kennedy said that the good stages contrasted with those where one seemed to be “completely lethargic”. With a four-point lead over St. Pölten, Raindorfer can’t believe he’s still in the league.

Admira should keep shaking

This also applies to Admira. Especially in set pieces, where it is the weakest team in the league, it needs to be improved quickly. “A really good opponent showed us limits in certain situations. After the defeat against Austria, Damir Buric said,“ We ​​made simple mistakes in many areas, the team wasted a lot, and that was too little. ”

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His team had left the field as a loser for the seventeenth time in the twenty-seventh game. Borek was removed from his post two days later. Franz Wolffart (General Manager Sports) hopes to gain new motivation from Schmidt, who has already served as Admira’s head coach from September 2019 to February 2020. “Klaus knows the club, respects him and the players respect him. In addition, he has already managed to lead the club out of A difficult situation, “said Wolfart.

Reed continues cutting the road on St. Pölten

St. Pölten remains at the bottom of the table even after the 27th round of the Bundesliga. Defeated Lower Austria by Reed 1: 2.

SV Ried actually missed six Südstadters’ points. The Vikings blossomed to become the most successful team in the qualifying group (eleven points) with the storming of defensive football under Andreas Herav. But the coaches did not want to free themselves and the club from all relegation worries. “The whole stage is not finished yet,” said the former ÖFB rookie coach, preferring to give the warning, “We’re still in the middle of it.”

“We don’t want to go down”

He forbade himself from searching. “It’s just one story: We don’t want to relegate.” Everything else is secondary, Harraff said, admitting that the trained gameplay “wasn’t fun.” But I basically don’t care. It’s about scoring points. “On Saturday he was allowed to focus on tactical contrast due to the constant casting off.” Football remains a game of luck. “But I am trying to reduce the chances, and that is working fine for now,” said Harv.

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At the bottom of St. Pölten, caretaker coach and sporting director George Zellhofer appears to be no longer able to make the transformation. “There are certain things about the game structure that we discuss a hundred times, and then we play certain balls really badly,” said Zellhofer. “We had a great chance (against Reid, he noted), which is why I’m so annoyed with the green and the blue. We still have to try to determine the motivation for the training position.”