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BBC announces 10-point plan for more neutrality

After a series of scandals and against the backdrop of mounting pressure from the British Conservative government, the BBC wants to reform itself. Today, the Public Broadcasting Corporation published a ten-point plan to better fulfill its mandate of neutrality and to better represent the country’s diversity, in terms of staff and content.

The plan includes training to improve impartiality, regular review of BBC content, increased transparency, and a policy to support whistleblowers. To counter allegations that its London hub is too much, the station is considering moving some of its services to the counties. In addition, the rules for the active use of online networks by employees should be tightened.

Foundations of our relationship with the public

“The BBC’s editorial values ​​- impartiality, accuracy and trust – are the foundation of our relationship with audiences in the UK and around the world,” said Tim Davy, Director-General of the BBC. Changes not only draw lessons from the past, but also ensure that liberating values ​​are protected for the future.

The broadcaster, known for his journalistic rigor and independence, has been repeatedly accused by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative government of providing excessively one-sided reporting, for example on Brexit. The station’s handling of the famous unfair interview with Princess Diana in 1995 also seriously damaged her image.

The Minister of Culture responsible for funding the BBC

The BBC will soon hold talks on its “charter”, which regulates its mandate in the public service. If she is already under pressure from the government, this has only increased with the appointment of petty novelist Nadine Doris as the new Minister of Culture. After taking office in September, Doris, who will lead negotiations as culture minister on future funding for the station, said she wanted “real changes” at the BBC. She accused her employees of “all having the same political prejudices” and “talking a lot about diversity, but not about working-class children”.

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