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Beat 'em up zum Beat: God of Rock zur Gamescom angespielt

Beat them to the beat: Play God of Rock at Gamescom

Developer and publisher Modus announced the beat of God of Rock during Gamescom 2022. The PC and console title is scheduled to be released in the winter of 2022. ComputerBase had the opportunity to play God of Rock at the Game Show.

On stage fighting over music

The “god of rock” has revived the souls of the best musicians in the universe just to see the musicians “play” on stage. In new bodies and with supernatural powers, these musicians compete in a battle to establish musical dominance on the world stage.

In 1-on-1, whether against an AI, a local friend, or an online opponent, one character can be chosen at a time. Map titles and music can also be selected. All characters have different special and ultimate abilities. The notes will appear to the left and right of the battle to match the music. Both players must pay attention to their notes and hit them with the correct rhythm. Gradually hitting the notes becomes more difficult, because in the duel they arrive more quickly for both players.

If the notes are missed, this player takes a damage and sees the character’s life points gradually diminish. If all goes well for the opponent, the special and ultimate abilities can be used against the opponent. It is loaded by hitting notes. As in a fighting game, key combinations must be entered and the opponent out of the rhythm. Depending on the character, notes are slowed down, reached faster or more often due to special abilities and alarms – sometimes the opponent’s music sheet is covered as well, so that the opponent eventually loses track.

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God of the Rock (Photo: Mode)

However, the opponent is not powerless, but can eliminate other special abilities with his own abilities. As in table tennis, the ability is thrown back and forth until the special abilities run out and someone has to take it. The game is played until one of the characters bites the dust.

In addition to the story mode, players can also combine individual tracks in the training phase and learn different combinations by heart. This is how players can practice in Ranked Mode. There is also a track editor for creative spirits, where notes in songs can be deleted or added at will.

Rhythm and combat can confuse beginners

At first glance, there is so much going on on screen that even beginners quickly lose track. The notes alone can be daunting to start the percussion players – it’s too fast and it hits too many. As if that weren’t enough, the major groups also play a role. After a difficult start and a short familiarization phase, as well as grasping the groups, even beginners can find their way. However, the combination of perfect rhythm games and competitive fighting games – especially in duels against other players – can strike the mind.

But for fans of both genres, this combination is worth watching. With different characters and songs, preferences and playing styles can be found quickly.

Release already this year

God of Rock is slated for a Winter 2022 release for PC and Xbox Series X | S or One, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Nintendo Switch. Upon release, the base game will feature twelve solo musicians competing on one of eight stages. Over 40 tracks to play and master. The base game should be available for around 30€. Parallel to the Standard Edition, there will also be a Deluxe Edition, which will also include the Season Pass, six additional playable characters, four additional stages, and 20 additional songs.