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Journey of 1782

Journey of 1782

Heidelberger Sinfoniker will open the 2022-2023 season with the second edition of the “Explore Haydn” festival:
Explore = explore, discover, explore, as a term belonging to the cultural world anyway. “Explore” is now the slogan of the current situation – as never before, cultural workers are encouraged to explore new event forms. With the “Explore Haydn” festival, the Heidelberger Sinfoniker, an independent orchestra from the urban Rhine-Neckar region that has been particularly distinguished for its recordings of Joseph Haydn’s symphonies, brings artists from different disciplines together for the second year in a row.

A Journey of Discovery takes the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra and its artistic director Johannes Klamp this time to 1782, when 50-year-old Haydn composed his Symphony No. 76-78 at the same time he met Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But how was 1782? In Austria, slavery was abolished, Emperor Joseph II issued a patent for tolerance to the Jews in the framework of Josephine, and the premiere of Friedrich Schiller’s play “Die Räuber” at the National Theater in Mannheim, which was the highlight of the era “Sturm und Drang It is true that Mozart did Composing his famous opera Die Entführung aus dem Seraglio… Together with regional representatives from music, literature, science, dance and DJ scene, the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra sets out on a journey until 1782.

More exciting concerts await you in the 2022-2023 season: in November, pianist Heidelberger Sinfoniker invited pianist Ragna Schirmer, and we are also looking forward to the traditional festive New Year’s parties!