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Beatrice Egli: 'I was recently pregnant by Florian Celebrezen'

Beatrice Egli: ‘I was recently pregnant by Florian Celebrezen’

One Beatrice Egli Countless love rumors spread. She is allegedly flirting bin sugar, even with her married duo partner Eloy de Jong, she was said to have dates. In one of the reports she was pregnant even from Florian Celebrezen. But what about the heart of a good-tempered Swiss woman? At a beach party with Florian Silberisen, she is now talking candidly about the rumours.

Beatrice Egli for her great passion

When Beatrice Egli was a guest on the “But Please With Schlager” podcast, she talked about one of her favorite activities: morning walks. Supervisor Julian David Surprised that Beatrice Egli, as an artist, voluntarily woke up early. Most of their classmates tend to go to bed later and sleep longer. Beatrice Egli reveals: I love that quiet in the morning. I think this is the best thing when you go up the mountain early in the morning. Then you can lie lazily from lunchtime. That’s why I’m doing this.”

Beatrice Egli – That’s why fans love

In addition, she draws her new strength in the morning calm and comes to rest here. She continues: “From At this point all you can do is chill which is really magical in the morning. There is such silence, such purity – that happens there. I just find my peace there. Of course, I also enjoy the moments going up the mountain with my friends and there are always nice conversations. “ But does she climb the mountain alone or is there a man by her side?

“I seldom go up a mountain alone”

In another context of the podcast, I was asked if men are still hopeful. Beatrice Egli smiles and answers: They say so beautifully, hope dies at last.But is she now alone when she walks in the morning: I rarely go up the mountain alone. Because it’s nicer with two, three or four people. So that’s how it is. I don’t enjoy time alone in the mountains. You can already read that…”

Discuss Schlagerzeile on TV

However, she did not reveal whether her hiking partners are friends or new partners. But she has to laugh a lot at the headlines every week: “I was recently pregnant by Florian Celebesen.”This theme has also been revisited in Florian Celebriesen’s “Christmas Party on the Beach”. Swiss women take this curiously successful line into the live show with humor: “There is no baby shower yet,” Florian replied. How funny!

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