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Magical Easter decorations make yourself |  kurier. at

Magical Easter decorations make yourself | kurier. at

Easter Holiday He stands in front of the door. Now is the time to present the appropriate decoration. Especially when the weather does not invite you to stay outdoors, they create a good atmosphere in the living room. He should not lose a few rabbits and eggs.

In addition to the classic colorful and painted Easter eggs, author Anna Parol shows how to make them Cement manufactures. Advantage: “Can be redecorated each year and tailored to furnishings and preferences.” What you need: 6 eggs, 1 tablespoon cooking oil, a pastry brush, water, 800g noun cement and an egg carton.

© Photo: Christophorus Verlag / Anna Parol

Here’s how it works: Blow out the eggs. For this purpose, a hole the size of a pin is made on the upper side, and the hole can be larger on the lower side, and the concrete will be poured here later. Brush the inside of the eggs with a little cooking oil so that the eggshells can be removed more easily later. Place the eggs in the egg carton with the small hole down and pour in the concrete mix, then let it dry for 24 hours. Then remove the shell and add the eggs chalky pigment paint. Finally, you can spray paint it a darker color to give it a nice splash. complete!

© Photo: Christophorus Verlag / Anna Parol

A table full of delicate gypsophila flowers can also be decorated with blown eggs. What you need: Thin gold wire, scissors, a black waterproof pen, baby’s breath, floral wire and wooden egg cups (from “Hello Anna, Alles Mit Liebe”). Here’s how it works: Use the black pencil to draw smiley faces on the eggs. Cut a piece of gold wire about 20 cm long and shape it into a small ring that will fit over the egg. Wrap the ring several times so that it has several layers. A sprig of gypsophila is worked into this. Place the finished wreath on the egg and secure it with hot glue.

© Photo: © Christophorus Verlag / Doris Paesen

to me Cool ceramic bunnies with colorful colors Pom pom tailYou will need two pastry utensils (1 cup cornstarch and 1 cup baking soda), wool, a thin wooden skewer, and a needle. Here’s how: Place the pastry materials in a saucepan with 1/2 cup water and heat over low heat. Stir to mass. bubbles and becomes more solid. When the consistency is like mashed potatoes, remove from heat and remove the mass from the pan. Knead on a mat for 3-4 minutes and roll out to a thickness of 3-4 cm. Cut out the rabbits using a cookie cutter and using a wooden skewer make two holes next to each other in the rabbit at tail height, depending on the thickness of the dough you cut Leave the rabbits to air dry for 1-3 days. Wrap the fleece thickly (about 70 times) around the four prongs of the fork. Cut a separate piece of wool between the middle-pronged thread and use it to tie all the woolen threads. Carefully pull out the fork and carefully open the resulting loops on both sides with scissors. Now with the help of a needle and woolen thread thread the pompom through the holes on the bunny at the height of the tail. The decoration is ready, it can also be used as a place card (it is customized by color).

© Photo: Jochen Paesen / © Christophorus Verlag / Doris Paesen

for Easter a As a decoration with or without bunny ears or “hugs and kisses” I needed one 3D cartoon letters and a sponge. Carefully remove the top of the letter using a paring knife and remove the contents. Brush all the outside of the letters with acrylic paint and let dry for an hour. Line the inside with cling film and secure with some tape. Cut out the sponge, place it in cardboard letters, and water it gently. Shorten the flower to about 3 cm and pin it to the sponge. Optionally, for the “O” Easter bunny, poke two small holes in the top of the letter with nail scissors or a thick needle. Push the top of the bunny ears cake into the holes.

© Photo: Christophorus Verlag / Anna Parol

Even dyed Easter eggs previously covered with leaves get a natural look model. You can do this by placing hard-boiled eggs in a nylon stocking before dyeing, and then placing them carefully in the dye bath. After the paint has dried, remove the stocking and papers. with feathers Decorated create beautiful eastern.

© Photo: CV Verlag

Book advice: “The perfect hygge year. Decorating ideas, recipes and tips for cozy Scandinavian style” by Anna Parol Published by Christophoros Publishing,
20.95 euros

© Photo: CV Verlag

Book tip: Crafts and baking for young and old. Creative and delicious through the seasons ”by Doris Paysen, published by Christophoros Verlag, € 24.50

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