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Beats Fit Pro on DACH from January 24th?

Beats Fit Pro on DACH from January 24th?

An apple He reviewed the scope of his online store. The new Beats Fit Pro headphones can now be found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and a few other additional countries. You probably won’t be able to order it until January 24th.

Beats Fit Pro in the charging cradle

Currently the text on The Beats Fit Pro product page in the Apple Store Still “Delivery: Currently Unavailable”. But this should change soon. This month, namely on January 24, 2022, Apple should also introduce the headphones in this country. in Japan they must However, it will be available from January 28th.

In November, the company introduced the headphones in the US, and they have also been available in China since December.

It started for the first time on Monday Twitter Accounts von Beats By Dre Publication notes that something new is on the way.

The in-ear headphones have a range of silicone plugs of different sizes to adapt them to different ear openings. Other than that, it offers a protective charging case, active noise cancellation, the H1 chip for faster connectivity, and support for “Hey siriAs with many Apple headphones, these also offer support for 3D audio and tracking of head movements through built-in sensors.

Beats Fit Pro also offers small, flexible wings (wingtips) that are easy to flex and are supposed to provide better stability in the ear. Last but not least, the headphones have the intended purpose of their name. It is intended for users who play sports. They have IPX4 certification and are said to provide protection against sweat and water.

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Beats Fit Pro can be used for up to six hours on a single battery charge. The charging case provides enough capacity to power the headphones for 24 hours. You can find the headphones via the “Where is it?” app If it is lost or stolen.

DACH . prices

In Germany and Austria, the Beats Fit Pro is offered for 229.95 euros. Swiss people pay CHF 219.99. The headphones are available in four colors: stone gray, stone purple, white and black.

Not for the web yet?

If you look at the footnotes on the website, among other things, you’ll notice that some of the content doesn’t match the numbers in the running text. In addition, both footnotes are provided with identical text. The translation also seems incomplete, as Apple uses translations of national languages ​​for color names, for example. Accordingly, we assume that the websites should not be online yet.

Beats Fit Pro footnotes still incomplete, screenshot