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Twitch Streamer Pokimane Banned For The First Time

TwitchSuperstar Pokimane banned from Twitch for the first time. However, the ban is only temporary and the player returned to the platform on January 10, 2022. The ban was only 48 hours and we also know why Pokimane was banned.

Pokimane is broadcasting Avatar: The Last Airbender and will be banned for doing so

This is what it’s about: While Some banners again and again Who got banned from Twitch because they almost want to break the rules regularly, sees it with Pokimane streamer highly successful Actually quite different. I got never closes, but at some point there is always First time and on Saturday it’s time.

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Temporary ban: Pokemanes The lock came on suddenly And perhaps it was somewhat surprising to most of their fans. in the middle of the stream The broadcast has suddenly stopped and the Pokimane channel can no longer be viewed on Twitch. Shortly thereafter I mentioned Twitter bot for these matters, Pokimane’s Twitch account has been banned converted to.

Bokimane confirmed himself Temporary ban, which looks a lot like a warning shot: it was Closed for 48 hours. This means that they already have Today with “12 hour return broadcast” He wants to start over. But maybe with a different program.

Why was Pokimane banned? May be the reason for Neuesten Twitch Hype Lying, the so-called meta TV or React meta. Bokimane was watching an episode of the animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” the moment she was banned. She has both The series itself and their reactions to it stream – one Currently a very popular form of Twitch for entertainmentBut it violates copyright law.

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Just a matter of time? In another follow-up tweet, Pokeman made it clear that she wanted to clarify a few things. she is Not particularly surprised of their spell and I don’t think it’s unfair either. Instead, it was inevitable that publishers would do something about the new Twitch trend at some point.