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Beautiful Mostviertel: A Photographic Journey Through the Beauty of Mostviertel

Beautiful Mostviertel: A Photographic Journey Through the Beauty of Mostviertel

Amsteit. At the beginning of October, the photo book: “The Wonderful Mostviertel. A Photographic Journey along Most Straße and Eisenstrasse” by Sabine Wieser.

The passionate photographer, who loves to go out with the camera at sunrise or sunset, shows in her picture book just how beautiful Mostviertel can be.
Sabine Wieser decided to compile her most beautiful in a picture book so that she wouldn’t be the only one who’d seen the landscape photos she’s taken over the years, or – worse yet – forgotten the ones on her hard drive.

Heart palpitations and other feelings

“Mostviertel is my home and this is where my heart grows. I feel a deep connection with Mostviertel,” says the qualified teacher.
Sabine Wieser, who has been a photographer at Mostviertel since 2015, takes a picture book viewer on a journey along Moststrasse and Eisenstrasse. From Allhartsberg to Ybbsitz there are both familiar and unknown views of the photographer’s homeland.

Many emotions are packed into the book. And not only through the pictures themselves, but also through the words that Sabine Wieser addresses to her readers. She speaks of flickering, fascination, tension, and sometimes also disappointment when she was not able to perceive the desired image.

“I am so grateful for the unique moments with the camera at sunrise or sunset,” said a resident of Mostviertel. “Photography pleases me and it has been one of my most important activities for balancing my daily life for several years.”

Sabine Wieser taught herself how to take pictures: “I have attended a number of photography courses and taught myself extensively about light, equipment and image processing. Through countless shootings, many hikes in different lighting conditions and long hours in front of a computer, I have done Constantly improving and expanding my knowledge.”

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torment of choice

Sabine Wieser found it difficult to choose images for the picture book: “In recent years, I have accumulated a large collection of images. I have paid primary attention to image quality, different locations and, above all, the choice of idea when pre-sorting. The goal was to give the client a cohesive overall impression, and the Selecting images based on these criteria.”

Sabine Wieser has another tip for photography enthusiasts or beginners: “You shouldn’t stick to too much equipment. Often a fast zoom lens is enough, or often a fixed focal length is enough to expand your knowledge of photography. The important thing is to learn to see the light and to work primarily when Sunrise or sunset, when the light is softer at that time of day.”

just try

It doesn’t have to be an expensive camera. She herself gradually expanded her camera equipment.
“You can also take good pictures with a smartphone,” the photographer explains. “It always depends on what you want to use photos for later. Especially in print, you quickly reach your limits with photos from your smartphone.”

The picture book awakens the need to go out to the beautiful Mostviertel and visit the places Sabine Wieser shows in her book. to see what you see. And thanks to the information on location and camera settings in the book, every photography enthusiast can experience if they can capture the same mood as Sabine Wieser.

The picture book was published by Ennsthaler Verlag on October 10, 2022.