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Before the Festival – Danube Festival 2024: Alliance of Strangers

Before the Festival – Danube Festival 2024: Alliance of Strangers

It is already an integral part of the cultural landscape of Krems and attracts contemporary artists from all over the world every year: Danube Festival in Krems. from From April 19 to 28 It has already opened its doors for the 36th time and transformed the city into a land of milk and honey for progressive arts. Some 55 events will be presented over the two exciting weekends, combining music, performance, art, film and discourse.

The tagline that festival director Thomas Edlinger has put on this year's itinerary is: “Foreigners' Community” and invites you to think across borders and explore new perspectives on the theme of alienation and belonging. In a world of new political incompatibility, the Danube Festival asks itself the “impossible” question of creating a community that reflects the diversity of experiences and challenges posed by common life in a globalized world.

The elements of the festival program offer a fascinating journey through a wide range of aesthetic expressions and artistic concepts. From avant-garde music to experimental performances and interactive installations, there is so much to discover and experience. Artists such as the exiled Iranian-Chilean trio HUUUM, singer Jenny Hval, the Afrofuturist musings of Dopplereffekt and visual artists Johanna Bruckner and Kiboy Tavares present innovative works that break new ground.

In many of the workshops and discussions, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about their individual perception of alienation and belonging and to actively participate in the discourse. The Danube Festival 2024 thus not only offers a journey through the world of contemporary arts, but also creates a place for encounters, exchanges and inspiration. A place where people from different backgrounds and perspectives come together to explore new paths and reflect on the world around them.

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Danube Festival in Krems