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Duchess Meghan has a bad reputation

Duchess Meghan has a bad reputation

Meghan and Harry's inner circle is said to be limited to a very small number of people.

Since their wedding in 2018 Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan We've been through a lot together. However, the two are not said to have many close friends in their adopted home of Montecito, California.

While only the Duke of Sussex His long time friend Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras Meghan seems to maintain a really close and trusting relationship, and Meghan also has to choose very carefully who belongs in her inner circle.

Duchess Meghan must “strategically” cultivate friendships.

Contacting her former best friend Jessica Mulroney The Duchess of Sussex has reportedly long since separated. While Mulroney was still a guest at Meghan and Harry's wedding, there is now supposedly radio silence between the two women.

After accusations of racism were made against the hairstylist, supposed insiders reported that Meghan Mulroney ended their friendship and cut off contact with her completely.

After it was announced a few weeks ago that the former actress When she registered a lifestyle brand called American Riviera Orchard, she enlisted two acquaintances to promote it.

Megan has now launched the first product of her new company and sent influencers and friends a jar of strawberry jam. Fashion Designer Tracy Robbins And famous people from Argentina Delfina Balqueer Among those who posted a photo of the product on their Instagram Stories.

Robbins and her husband are the president of Paramount Brian Robbinswith Megan W Prince Harry Friends invited her to attend the film's premiere in Jamaica in January. They are also friends with Balkier, who is a friend of Prince Harry Nacho Figueras married.

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Nobility expert Charlotte Griffiths He explains this on the talk show “Sari Palace” from e+ She stated that the Duchess is “strategic” in choosing her friendships. Griffith says Meghan doesn't have a lot of friends. Additionally, the mother of two now seems to have a somewhat stubborn reputation.

After Meghan sent the first batch of American Riviera Orchard strawberry jam to friends in a total of 50 jars, the royal expert joked that Harry's wife may not have enough friends to hand out so much product.

“Markled”: Meghan has a bad reputation

The royal expert added that Duchess Meghan was known in society for “unfriending her friends.” In recent years, “Markled” has become popular as slang for keeping away from friends, and is now in the urban dictionary. According to the Urban Dictionary website, “Markled” means: “to let someone down after making a meaningful contribution to one’s life.”

This definition exists because Meghan “unfriended a lot of people she knew,” Griffiths said on the show.

“From family members to her Suits co-stars to her best friend Jessica Mulroney, whose children were boys at the wedding” — she would cut everyone out of her life. “I think she's a bit strategic with her friends, and once she's done with them, she throws them aside and forgets everything, deletes their numbers, and in some cases blocks her number,” Griffiths said of the Duchess of Sussex.