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Before the US presidential election: Biden and Trump settle their first TV fight

Before the US presidential election: Biden and Trump settle their first TV fight

As of: June 15, 2024 8:42 pm

US President Biden and his rival Trump agreed on the rules for the first televised fight on June 27. Both want to ditch the studio audience for a 90-minute meeting on CNN.

Ahead of the US presidential election in November, President Joe Biden and his perceived challenger Donald Trump have agreed terms for their first televised showdown at the end of the month. CNN reported that the debate should last 90 minutes. There will be two presenters on June 27, but no studio audience.

“Both candidates have agreed to appear on a panel,” CNN said. “Your stage positions will be determined by a coin toss.” It was also stipulated that only the speaker's microphone should be open at a time. The other person's microphone will be muted during this time.

According to the information, applicants get only one pen, one pad of paper and one bottle of water. There will be two commercial breaks during the hour-and-a-half fight, which will be taped in Atlanta, Georgia. Biden and Trump are not allowed to interact with their staff there.

TV duels on June 27 and September 10

“Certain aspects of the debate — including the absence of a studio audience — will mark a departure from previous debates,” CNN said. Moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will “use every tool at their disposal to enforce time and ensure civilized discussion.” Biden and Trump agreed in May to hold two televised debates. The first will take place on June 27th on CNN and the second on September 10th on ABC.

Biden and Trump have not yet been formally nominated as their parties' presidential nominees for the Nov. 5 election, but for both of them it is considered a mere formality. Trump, 78, has already easily won the Republican primaries, although they are far from over. Biden, 81, has no credible competition in the Democratic primaries, which are ongoing.

Republicans will nominate their presidential nominee at the party convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in mid-July. The Democratic Nominating Convention will be held in August in Chicago, Illinois. Before the 2020 election, Trump lost to Biden and the two had two TV fights. Both kept interrupting each other.