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Belgrade: Riots during a protest against alleged election fraud

Belgrade: Riots during a protest against alleged election fraud

Several thousand Serbian opposition supporters demonstrated in Belgrade this evening in protest against alleged fraud in the local elections that took place a week ago. This was the seventh protest in a row. This time, the marchers headed to Belgrade City Hall, which they attempted to forcefully enter. Local media reported that police forces used tear gas.

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President Aleksandar Vucic's Serbian Progressive Party has won victories in early parliamentary and local elections in several cities, including Belgrade. But in the capital, their success on December 17 was limited. According to the opposition, this too was only achieved through widespread fraud.

Election observers and the media reported numerous irregularities. Among other things, buses are said to have transported people from the Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Belgrade Square, where they cast their ballots without being eligible to vote. Vucic continues to deny accusations of election fraud. The Serbian Prosecutor's Office recently announced in Belgrade that it had been informed of several violations of electoral regulations, including activities that took place at the Belgrade Stadium.

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