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Graduate among the victims – shooting in Prague: mourning also at the Gmund School Centre

Graduate among the victims – shooting in Prague: mourning also at the Gmund School Centre

Shortly after the end of the “Iron Curtain”, the school center – just a few meters from the state border with the Czech Republic and the municipal border with Cesky Velenice – was opened to Czech youth. Through their own courses, they can prepare them for their time as regular high school students. Adam Jurac from Suchdol nad Loznici, ten kilometers from the state border, successfully completed the Technical School for Economic Professions here in 2009, then also completed the Advanced Course for Economic Professions and completed it with Matura in 2014. As additional training, he obtained an assistant or lifeguard licence. The school center says: “We would like to express our deepest condolences to everyone who will miss Adam…”

“A useful mood maker, an easy striker, a good friend.” After school, Adam Jurak's path led him to the University of Vienna – and to the Diocese of Unter Heiligenstadt, where he worked as a senior altar boy. “We cannot believe that Adam was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had to leave us so early,” it read: He was an altar boy at heart and soul, but also “a helpful mood maker, an uncomplicated helper – and above all a good friend to everyone.” . […] There was no celebration where he and his father did not create a happy atmosphere with Czech beer or homemade punch. “There was no request for help that he refused.”

This is how many of Waldviertel's comrades will remember him: Adam Jurak in his high school year in 2014, when he obtained his assistant or lifeguard license in Gmund.


It is noted on the Facebook page of his hometown Suchdol nad Loznici that on December 23 – a day of national mourning for the victims of the armed attack – the bells rang at noon and the fire department paid tribute to his memory. On Christmas Eve, Adam Gorak, torn from life, will also be remembered at a Christmas Mass from 9.30pm.

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