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Bella brings the "fairest" Austrian Leberkäsesemmel to its subsidiaries » Ledersent

Bella brings the “fairest” Austrian Leberkäsesemmel to its subsidiaries » Ledersent

| Editorial Board

| 06.12.2022

The supermarket chain relies on quality animal care and organic wraps for its classic snacks.

Meatloaf rolls are a popular snack in this country. So that no one has pangs of conscience because of this, Bella now serves the snack in a “fair” way. 100 percent local animal care and meat quality is used. According to REWE subsidiary, Austria’s “fairest” meatloaf roll is also based on the organic roll.

“As part of our assault on animal welfare, it was only natural for us to also want to offer products at the hot counter that meet our rigorous ‘Animal Show’ standards. This gives our customers the opportunity to purchase animal products with a clear conscience to enjoy meat – like our new meatloaf,” explains Simon Grosauer, Pella’s Head of Fresh Meat Procurement.

Animal welfare products

According to the official information, select “animal fair” meat is used in the meatloaf. It is argued that “fair class” pig or cattle farms must ensure that the animals are kept and cared for in a manner appropriate to the species. For example, fully slatted floors and bonded housing are prohibited, and animals must be fed species-appropriate and GMO-free.

Billa wants to expand animal care into both packaged and self-serve foods. In addition to the new “Fair zum Tier” meatloaf, Billa Plus now offers Viennese sausage and additional animal welfare quality sausages. In the case of self-service, the “Fair zum Tier” offer in the branches already includes cheese sausage, Frankfurter, home salami, cheesecake, liver and sausage spread of the Hofstädter brand.

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Meatloaf is now available at the hot counter in all Billa Plus stores.