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Belovoor – Four senior accordion masters at the Ritz Fund

Belovoor – Four senior accordion masters at the Ritz Fund

Paul Schubert, Stefan Sterzinger, Stefan Heckel and Nikola Zaric (from left) were at the top of their game.

Wolfgang Hanosek, Wolfgang Hanosek

DrThe Belofour Accordion Quartet managed to delight the Retz audience with every change of style.

Christophe Argeny welcomed the Bellovoir Accordion Quartet and presented it in an entertaining manner. Each artist was introduced to their own brand of instrumentation. Just as the car brand gives an idea of ​​the owner's rating, the choice of tool is likely to play an important role here as well. Paul Schuberth: Bigini, Nikola Zaric: Sabatini, Stefan Heckel: Bigini, Stefan Sterzinger: Victoria. All the top musicians and real experts know that anyway.

The applause at the presentation indicates that there are many experts in the audience. The four senior accordion masters joined in with quiet whispers and improvisation. The brilliant voice artists captured the audience in a unique and surprising way.

Stefan Sterzinger's vocals briefly led in the direction of Viennese songs and four accordions surpassed everything again and found a new peak with Nikola Zarek's melodies, reminiscent of Slavic dances. The four artists did not play to the crowd, but rather enjoyed outdoing each other at their best. Multifaceted but all in one piece.

With each sudden change in style, the quartet managed to excite and engage the audience more. The long, strong applause indicated that some new people were joining the Four Masters' fan community that evening.

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