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Blake Lively is ashamed of Kate's photo manipulation jokes

Blake Lively is ashamed of Kate's photo manipulation jokes

She had one Badly manipulated photo She posted it herself and posted, among other things, that she “did it today.” Now, she wrote in an Instagram Story: “This post shames me today. I'm sorry,” actress Blake Lively wrote.

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“I'm sure no one cares today, but I feel like I have to admit it,” the 36-year-old began her Instagram Story. She then wrote: “I made a stupid post about the Photoshop fail hype. This post makes me feel ashamed today. I'm sorry.”

On the occasion of British Mother's Day on March 10, Kensington Palace published a photo of Kate and her two children, but several news agencies retracted it shortly afterward due to manipulation of the photo. Kate then took charge and pointed out how many amateur photographers are experimenting with photo editing.

Shortly thereafter, according to media reports, Lively posted a badly doctored photo of herself on her own account and wrote, among other things, that she was very happy to post her new photo, which she “just took today.” Other American stars, such as Kim Kardashian and Sheryl Crow, also published satirical posts about Kate.

Princess Kate has also received a lot of support from many stars. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, for example, had already condemned conspiracy theories circulating about Kate's health before Kate's video message, calling it “a low point in our society.” “This is someone with young children and this is clearly a health issue. This is a private matter,” she wrote on Instagram. After the diagnosis became known, she called for, among other things, sending “only our best wishes” to Kate and her family and focusing on your own life and the lives of those close to you.

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Kate addressed the public in a video message on Friday and spoke about her cancer diagnosis, which was discovered after abdominal surgery in mid-January. She has not appeared in public since.