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Ben Affleck in Clooney in the highest sympathetic form «

Ben Affleck in Clooney in the highest sympathetic form «

In “The Tender Bar,” George Clooney captured the memories of a young man feeling nostalgic. Leading actor Ben Affleck was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as a affectionate uncle.

From Marianne Wilhelm | At 17.37, 07. January 2022


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Ben Affleck and Ty Sheridan in “The Tender Bar” © AP (Claire Folger)

We can’t blame the memoirs for their nostalgia. journalist JR Moringer He won a Pulitzer Prize in 2000, and is currently writing an autobiography of Prince Harry. Now he has his own memoir called “The Tender Bar” (Amazon Prime) George Clooney Based on text by William Monahan (“The Departed”) was filmed. The film surrenders to the warm glow of childhood memories and youth in the New York area of ​​the ’70s and ’80s, from elementary school age to studying at Yale University to getting your first job. It’s a fun story of a young proletarian with a lot of self-doubt. This makes “The Tender Bar” a sort of positive alternative to JD Vance’s “Hillbilly Elegy” political pessimism.

The tape of the same name is “Dickens” – an offshoot of JR’s uncle, which Golden Globe nominee Ben Affleck embodied in the highest style. He always gives good advice to his nephew, including how to deal with an absent father and single mother. The well-read surrogate father calls this “masculine science,” yet he’s not particularly masculine in his wisdom. The story is in his honor and we can almost recognize the perfect Papa Clooney in it. The mother (disguised: Lily Rabe) is underrepresented in the film. It may be due to the lesser known acting, but it’s a shame. In contrast, Christopher Lloyd appeared as a very kind grandfather.

Director Clooney tells this light and upbeat melodrama about coming of age in a very traditional way, with a non-fictional voice, but some heartwarming and honest moments. For 104 minutes of the movie, that’s something uncomfortable. But this is not really surprising or impressive. Just tenderly cute.

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“The Tender Bar” on Amazon Prime