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Season 5 in the fall in a new slot - all information

Season 5 in the fall in a new slot – all information

After a break of only a few months, “The Masked Singer” continues into the fall – with an important change. You can get all the information about Season 5 here.

This news came early, but it wasn’t surprising: ProSieben officially confirmed the fifth season of its hit ratings for “The Masked Singer.” With majestic new costumes, curated songs, and more or less hints, new episodes will be coming in fall 2021. In addition to returning audiences, the popular show will also get a new slot and go from Tuesday evening to Saturday evening.

I Video You will learn interesting facts about “The Masked Singer”:

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“The Masked Singer” season 5: Begins in the fall

There is no set start date yet, but between season 4 And 5 should only pass six months. So we can in September or October 2021 Expect new episodes. Instead of the usual Tuesday night broadcast slot, there is an important innovation, because ProSieben will broadcast “The Masked Singer” in the future on Saturday night Peak time is 8:15 pm.

You can also watch the autumn season without a TV connection Live broadcast on Joyn Plus + Stay tuned, there are also single episodes available in post-stream iteration.

“The Masked Singer” Season 5: Costumes and the Jury

Whether the jury constellation is in this form – a regular jury consists of Ruth Mochner And the Rhea Garvey As well as changing celebrity jurors – currently unknown. There’s also no word on the new outfits yet, but we’re expecting our first fashion tips and hints on social media about a month before the season begins. We will keep you updated at this point.

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Maybe the fall season again in front of the public?

“The Masked Singer” lives not only from the singing talent of the participants * or the detective instinct that awakens clues and riddles about the identity of the celebrities in the audience, but above all from the character of the show’s event, which in past seasons, however, has been somewhat in the background it was to move. ProSieben anchor Daniel Roseman is optimistic in a first press release: “[…] Who knows, maybe we can even celebrate the show with a few spectators in the studio in the fall. “And as things stand (June 2021), the epidemic appears to be at least so much under control that a small audience must be allowed to participate appropriately with safety regulations.

It’s also audition music:

Can you recognize a Disney song by song font?

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