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Bend Studio is working on a multiplayer game

Bend Studio is working on a multiplayer game

in words PlayStation Blog Post the answers Bend Studio With a comprehensive review of the past work and history of the development team, but also a brief glimpse into the future of PlayStation Studio.

Not much has been revealed, but the US developer confirms that the next game will not be based on an existing game brand, but rather a brand new IP. This should include, among other things, a multiplayer mode and ‘on open world systems’ Days gone by We build, but introduce you to a whole new world. “

One continuation Bend Studio has already canceled the zombie game Days Gone.

Bend Studio New Logo

The acclaimed developer of the sci-fi series Siphon Filter and Days Gone also sports a new logo, similar to the creator of Life Is Strange. Don’t shake your head last week.

Bend Studio writes:

“The text tag and icon are designed to be graphic and bold, allowing us to use many color variations and stylized modifications to the icon without losing our brand identity. Because the Bend Studio logo is broken down into an icon and a business persona, we have more flexibility with the icon.”

You can also see the official logo and its variations in the file Blog post a fan. Let’s see what the difference is in the logo that will pay tribute to the introduction in the upcoming game from Bend Studio.