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Berlinale: a protest against right-wing extremism at the beginning

Berlinale: a protest against right-wing extremism at the beginning

Filmmakers such as Gila Hase and Katja Riemann have called for the defense of democracy. While they worked, the red carpet was quiet.

Several actors and actresses took a stand against right-wing extremism at the Berlinale's grand opening ceremony. At a protest organized by the same film festival, filmmakers such as Gila Hase and Katja Riemann chanted “Stand up for democracy.” They raised cell phone lights in the air and the red carpet went quiet during the event.

By rejecting the AfD, the Berlinale clearly positioned itself in the face of right-wing extremism in Germany. A statement issued by the festival said: “On the opening evening, the Berlinale Festival invites a group of filmmakers to the red carpet to serve as role models for democracy, diversity and peaceful coexistence.” The backdrop to the protests was a debate over the invitation and uninvitation of several AfD politicians to the opening ceremony. Many people wore buttons on the carpet reading “Berlinale against right-wing extremism.”

Shiny necklace with “Fck AfD” engraving.

Actress Philin Rogan (“Jerks”) wore a sparkly necklace that read “Fck AfD,” and model and entrepreneur Babis Loveday held a sign that read “No to Racism!” No to the AfD!

When asked why being an example of democracy was important to her, Haas said: “Because it shocks me with what indifference, with what normality, people almost go to the polls and cross themselves with parties that simply clearly and obviously support a name for yourself with far-right ideas.”

“I love the Berlinale because it always opens its mouth and says something.”

Wim Wenders


Actress Emilia Schole said she felt better that there were no representatives from the AfD. The Berlinale is a political festival. Oscar-nominated director Wim Wenders (Perfect Days) saw it similarly – and praised the film festival for it: “The Berlinale has traditionally been the most political of the major festivals, and it is no longer out of the question,” the 78-year-old said. It will happen in the future too.” “I love the Berlinale because it always opens its mouth and says something.”

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After the massive demonstrations against right-wing extremism and the Alternative for Germany party, the debate is currently receiving great attention. Party representatives were originally invited – as usual – to the opening and announced that they would attend. After the load was unloaded, a few people at the edge of the carpet held up posters reading: “Berlinale – distinction is the programme.”

Posters commemorating the victims of Hanau

There was also other political action on the carpet. Many people held banners in memory of the victims of the racist attack in Hanau in 2020, whose anniversary falls on February 19.

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