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Trump's accuser defends herself against the accusations

Trump's accuser defends herself against the accusations

The prosecutor in charge of the case against former President Donald Trump in the US state of Georgia, Fanny Willis, defended herself against allegations of misconduct in her office.

At the court hearing in Atlanta yesterday (local time), she answered the other side's questions, as she had originally tried to avoid appearing on the witness stand.

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Willis is leading the trial in which Trump and other defendants are accused of trying to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

Trump's lawyers identify conflicts of interest

Lawyers for Trump and his co-defendant claim that Willis and her fellow prosecutor, Nathan Wade, had a conflict of interest because of their romantic relationship.

One allegation is that Willis improperly benefited financially because of the relationship. Willis had previously admitted to having a personal relationship with Wade, but stressed that there was no conflict of interest to justify her removal from the case.

Insight into private life

The hearing was broadcast live on YouTube and CNN, among other channels – which is not unusual in the USA. Less common was access to the private life of Trump's accuser. The prosecutor was noticeably angry and accused the other party in several places of lying or misrepresenting the facts.

Lawyers for the opposing side focused, among other things, on the issue of when exactly the relationship began and ended. Willis hired Wade to work the case in November 2021. Charges were filed in August 2023.

Both Wade and Willis said their relationship only began in 2022 and ended in the summer of 2023. However, the statement of another witness calls that sequence into question.

If Willis is indeed disqualified, it could have a major impact on the case. Her successor could once again decide whether the case against Trump and the remaining 14 defendants should continue.

Four former aides to the Republican presidential candidate have already entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors and admitted guilt.

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