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Berliner Schaubühne auctioned off Lars Eidinger CDs

Berliner Schaubühne auctioned off Lars Eidinger CDs

Berlin Schaubühne auctioned items to support independent theater artists – including props, costumes, and actor Lars Eidinger’s CD collection. The auction brought in more than 43,000 euros, a theater spokesman said Tuesday evening. Edinger, the futuristic “Jedermann” of the Salzburg festival, put the CDs into his “Autistic Disco” series.

Schaubühne is one of the most important theaters in the German capital. The stages have been closed for about half a year due to the pandemic. Schaubühne has been collecting donations for a long time – nearly € 90,000 have been raised now.

Schaubühne explained that the pandemic has major economic consequences, especially for artists who are not working permanently. In addition to her permanent staff, many independent artists also participate in her many theatrical productions.

They would have paid them a cancellation fee. “But after a year of the epidemic, the existential needs are increasing,” Shaobuhni explained. Artists whose production has been canceled or postponed will benefit from the money raised.

The digital auction was held with the support of Grisebach auction house. On display, for example, are costumes from actors such as Bruno Ganz (“The Sky Over Berlin”), Nina Hus (“Barbara”) and Ulrich Mohe (“The Lives of Others”). For example, chairs by director Peter Stein and Popeye’s mask made of sequins were auctioned off.

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