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Berlusconi’s ashes are kept in a mausoleum in his villa

Berlusconi’s ashes are kept in a mausoleum in his villa

After a state state funeral in Milan Cathedral, the coffin was returned to Berlusconi’s residence in Arcore near Milan. The former statesman has lived in the villa since 1974.

The body of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was cremated and the urn placed in a mausoleum on the grounds of his villa in the northern town of Arcor. This was reported by the Italian media. After a state funeral at Milan’s cathedral on Wednesday, the coffin was returned to Berlusconi’s residence in Arcore, near Milan. Berlusconi has lived in the 17th-century villa since 1974.

Cremation is scheduled for Thursday near the town of Alessandria. Berlusconi, who died on Monday of chronic leukemia at the age of 86, commissioned Italian sculptor Pietro Casella to build the mausoleum in the early 1990s. Construction work lasted three years. The media entrepreneur originally built the mausoleum to bury his family members and close friends. It was later discovered that Italian law only allowed corpses to be buried in public cemeteries. However, the ashes can be kept at the shrine. The mausoleum is still empty because Berlusconi’s parents are buried in a cemetery in Milan.

36 tomb niches

The mausoleum is a structure of white marble with an underground funeral pyre. In the center is a sarcophagus made for Berlusconi. Frieze depicting chains inscribed on the walls, and the rings attached to them are a symbol of family unity. The mausoleum includes 36 burial places.

Italy said goodbye to Berlusconi on Wednesday with a ceremonial state funeral in Milan attended by thousands of people. 2,300 people gathered at Milan’s cathedral, including members of the extended Berlusconi family and guests from politics, business, sports and television. 17,000 people were able to attend the funeral service in the cathedral and on the square in front of it.

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