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Russian general killed in Zaporizhia

Russian general killed in Zaporizhia

Major General Serhiy Goryachev, Chief of Staff of the 35th Army of the Armed Forces of Russia, died in Zaporizhia. This was stated by the Russian military correspondent Yuri Kongonok. According to him, Goryachev died as a result of a Ukrainian missile attack.

Does Ukraine have a chance for its counterattack?

The military correspondent posted a picture of Goryachev (in the uniform of a colonel) and wrote on his Telegram channel that the major general “was the commander of the Russian unit in Transnistria, commanded the 201st military base in Tajikistan and the training center in Khabarovsk. He served as a commander after he joined the SADF as commander of the 5th Armored Brigade Detached, he “rose” to the post of deputy commander of the 35th Arms Army (with the rank of major general) and was appointed chief of staff of the army.

Fierce fighting at the front

For days, the Ukrainian armed forces have been talking about the liberation of an increasing number of villages, especially in the Donetsk region, which was annexed by Russia. Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malgar said in Kiev that seven cities have been liberated so far and 90 square kilometers have returned to Ukrainian control.

However, there are also reports of successful counterattacks by Russian soldiers in areas near Zaporizhia.

“The enemy’s losses are exactly what we need,” Zelensky said after a meeting with the generals about the situation in the front zone. Ukrainian control was expanded especially around the city of Bakhmut, which was declared occupied by Russia at the end of May. The meeting with the command of the troops was about military successes, but also about the question of where reinforcements were needed at the front in order to break through the Russian defenses.

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