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Best Band from Götzens: The Pure: A Song for Mothers and Girls

Best Band from Götzens: The Pure: A Song for Mothers and Girls

With the song “My Heart is yours,” Götzens’ first band “The Pure” is releasing a new song that has a very special story.

“Our daughter inspired me to write the song,” said the Pure Purebred actress Jasmine Whipple Stockner. “She wanted to know what our songs were really about, and that’s when we realized I had already written a lot of songs for her father and even a song for her older brother, but one for herself was still missing. I ran into Garten, he came back a little later with a huge bouquet of dandelions and said, ‘Mom, This is yours so you can write a particularly beautiful song.”

Emotional chaos and more

Driven by this positive way, the musical mother immediately took action. “As you know, I work better under pressure. The result is a very emotional and personal song about my daughter’s growing up, the emotional chaos, but also the memories of my childhood, and the joy, albeit sad, looking back. Where motherhood advice is still acceptable. Time passes quickly Big! Where toys were scattered on the floor, you’re now stumbling upon clothes—preferably borrowed from your mom’s closet. They’re still pretty colorful, because finger colors have been replaced by eye shadows and alternate makeup.”

For mothers and daughters

“My Heart Is Yours” is dedicated to all mothers and daughters of a similar situation to Jasmin Waibl-Stockner: “Dear daughter, no matter how upset you are sometimes or how embarrassed you are to your parents, we will always love you, because “my heart is yours” until the end of time!”

special feeling

The song was created as part of a studio session and was recorded with the entire band in just two clips. This song gives a very special feel and the typical lively character of THE PURE. The sounds and horns were later recorded by the producer Andrew Capellar rearranged. Matthew Hoover (drums), Andrew Graf (deep voice) Andrew Capellar (electric guitar), Raymond Whipple (guitar) and Jasmine Whipple Stockner (vocals, guitar) They describe themselves as “a well-established team who understand each other almost blindly.” with Clemens Brugger (CBM Music) The band is also a trusted partner beside them who has been working with them for nearly 25 years now.

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Funny story on the side

A new song is one thing, and an eye-catching cover is another. Jasmin Waibl-Stockner can come up with a funny story in this regard: “The trick-or-treat little girl in the cover photo broke up on our photoshoot and gave impetus to the song idea because she complained that there was no song about it yet. That’s how this cover came to be!”

This is what The Pure . looks like

From now on, you can wish “My Heart Is Yours” on RADIO TIROL. The rock band from Tyrol is also represented on various broadcast platforms. But if you want to know more about it right away, you should click here:

More information about The Pure: