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Ardagger - New song by "Marten": When you don't go according to the script

Ardagger – New song by “Marten”: When you don’t go according to the script

With the song “Off Script”, Martin Fortliner from Ardagger – known from Starmania – released his second single and the corresponding video under the stage name “Marten”. “Being ‘off-script’ means that you don’t act according to the script you had planned. So everything goes very differently than planned. The song is about two people who can’t live with or without each other. But it should also show how they can For something like this to be so refreshing, it almost makes life a little ready for the movie,” the powerful vocal singer reveals his latest release, which comes with a catchy tune and catchy melody.

By the way, Furtlehner chose his stage name to start a new chapter. “A bit far from being a participant in a casting show and becoming an independent artist,” he said in a nutshell.

He is currently busy writing new songs, and next year he wants to return to the stage with his project and modern pop in the Austrian dialect. “My goal is to make music in keeping with the times without forgetting my roots, and I think I did very well with Off Script,” Furtlehner says.

You can watch the video here:

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