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'Best Day Ever': Britney Spears Celebrates Elton John Duet Hold Me Closer

‘Best Day Ever’: Britney Spears Celebrates Elton John Duet Hold Me Closer

Britney Spears and Elton John ecstatic: “Hello Sir Elton John, we’re number one in 40 countries,” the singer was thrilled with the success of her hit duo “Hold Me Closer.”

Elton John wrote on Twitter Friday that he was “happy” with the reaction to the song. He wanted to do a happy summer track and was thrilled when Spears agreed to be a part of it. “She really is an icon,” he said of the singer.

Spears, in turn, posted a short video message on Twitter on Friday. You will have “the best day ever”.

“Hold Me Closer” was released on Friday and went straight to the top of the iTunes charts in many countries. Elton John performed the song together at a surprise show on Tuesday on the Côte d’Azur in Cannes. It’s a remake of his 1971 Tiny Dancer title.

Britney’s first single “The Free”

Spears celebrates a musical comeback. This is her first music release since her 13-year guardianship ended last fall. At that time, many of her fans also protested against their idol under the hashtag #freebritney.

The singer has been under guardianship since 2008 after she broke down mentally due to personal and professional issues. A California court granted her full control of her life back in 2021.

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