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Opening of the "largest Otto Walks exhibition in history"

Opening of the “largest Otto Walks exhibition in history”

Deutsche Gallery displays 150 works by comedian Otto Wojks © APA / HARALD SCHNEIDER

Cult comedian Otto Walks opened his largest exhibition of his paintings to date with 150 works today, Saturday, at Werl in North Rhine-Westphalia. The 74-year-old displays “East Friesian art” with typical Otto humor – works on paper and canvas. All available hand-signed and limited editions can be seen by the artist for a period of four weeks, as advertised by Walentowski Galleries.

Among them are also unique pieces with a value of five to six figures for art lovers. The comedian’s trademark, Ottivant, is a frequent motif. The work will be auctioned for the benefit of a foundation committed to promoting research into the incurable dementia in children – NCL metabolic disease.

Otto Waalkes is considered one of the most famous German comedians and is also very successful as a musician, actor, director and voice actor. He has been exhibiting his paintings in galleries and museums since 2013, but Otto is less well known as a painter and illustrator.


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