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Best Performance – Magic is performed by Harry Stoica on guitar

Created April 16, 2023 | 19:30

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The appearance of Harry Stoica (second from left) with his proper partners Peter Strutzenberger (third from right) and Sigi Meyer (right) with the organizational team of KiT President Emmerich Meixner, Johannes Lehner and Willi Lehner was a treat for jazz lovers. From left to right).).

Edward Reininger

DrHis exceptional musician and guitar virtuoso inspired audiences with his creative versatility at a concert at HornerTonkeller.

The concert by guitarist Harry Stoica with his harmonizing partners Peter Strutzenberger (bass) and Sigi Meyer (bongos) at the Tonkeller of the Kunsthaus was a sensational performance.


Edward Reininger

The exceptional musician Stojka burst onto the stage with his Tonkeller colleagues which was well attended and after a short while the audience was assured. Harry is amazingly unconventional, spontaneous and improvisational.

A happy moment for the average audience

The musicians were inspired by fast music and amazing rock arrangements. Harry Stoica is a passionate musician. His achievement is to transform different styles of music into a sound full of staccato moments of surprise. Audio Wizard infuses jazz, pop, rock and soul into the present day in a relaxed and simple way. Thanks to Stojka’s creative versatility, neither his own compositions nor his interpretations of other works offer “more of the same”, but always exciting and deft creations with influences from gypsy jazz, Roma music, reggae, rock and even metal. A moment of happiness for the regular audience of the Kultur im Tonkeller association. Slotting session for the additional chapter. And all the guitarists in the audience have a few tears in their eyes.

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